Ends on December 2, 2019

The Whiting Foundation is pleased to announce the 2020 cycle of the Whiting Literary Magazine Prizes for print and digital publications. Complete details about the program are available on our website at this link. Please thoroughly review the eligibility criteria and the application itself before beginning. Note that applicants must be based in the US; be a federally-recognized nonprofit classified as a public charity (or fiscally sponsored by one); have an annual budget of no more than $500,000; and have published at least annually for at least the last three years.

Note that this year there will be two rounds of review: a set of first-round readers will evaluate the shorter initial application to identify the strongest applicants, who will then be invited to complete an expanded final-round application. Readers will consist of diverse experts in the field drawn from all over the country, who will serve anonymously to shield them from any external pressures. 

Applications must be submitted through this portal by December 2, 2019. No late or incomplete applications will be accepted.  Applicants will be notified of the results of this first round in late February of 2020. Those advancing will be invited to submit their expanded final-round application in early April. A public announcement of the winners will be made in the summer.

The application is intended to showcase your sensibility and your passions, particularly in the essay questions. We encourage you not to use grant-application language, but to let the ethos of your publication shine through. The range of questions are posed to help reviewers form a rich picture of your organization and how it benefits writers and readers. Since the prize is designed to facilitate sustainability and responsible growth, please give careful attention to the vision statement about your organization's future direction. Feel free to highlight challenges you want to address as well as successes to celebrate.

The reviewers will consider the following criteria in the first round: 

  • Publishing extraordinary writing with verve and flair
  • Supporting talented writers on the page and in the world
  • Vision for the future

If, after reviewing the application and the guidelines on the program website, you have additional questions, please contact us at litmags@whiting.org.